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Canada Investor Visa


Canada Investor

Canada is known to the world as an “energy superpower” because of its abundant natural resources. The economy of Canada is highly dominated by its abundance of natural resources and strong service country. The economy of Canada has been growing steadily for years.

Canada proffers tremendous opportunities to foreigners who wish to start a business in Canada. Every year thousands of people migrate to the shores of Canada to start a business. Business immigration in Canada came into existence to encourage investment and employment in Canada through the migration of people who can establish or invest in the business in Canada.

Business immigration aims to create new opportunities for Canadians. People who have the skill and experience to grow are widely welcomed in Canada to prosper themselves, also the province they live in. This year, the Government of Canada is welcoming around 91,150 immigrants for PR under federal business. Business Immigration to Canada is designed to encourage and facilitate the welcome of these individuals.

This program has various categories:

  1. Investor
  2. Entrepreneur (Federal Entrepreneur Program) Start-up visa
  1. Self-employed/Federal self-employed
  1. Business PNP Programs

Why is Canada a great place to invest or start a business?

Canada Investor

Canada is rated as the best country in G-20, In the G-20, it possesses the best fiscal prospect. Canada is a great place to start your business and thrive in it. Why? because The cost of starting a business is quite less; it is a low tax environment. Canada proffers a winning environment, a great place for research, development infrastructure, scientific talent, and innovation incentives.

Canada is well known for its exceptional quality of life. It also provides a great backdrop for the success of individuals, their families, and the globally engaged.

Canadian Government cheerfully welcomes people who will be a great asset to the country in the name of investors or entrepreneurs. It also proffers investor programs for individuals to invest in Canada. 

  1. Investor Visa

The Canada investor visa is a program that allows immigrants to gain permanent residence or citizenship in Canada. In return, they have to make qualifying investments in Canada. This program either offers citizenship (golden passport) or permanent residence (golden visa).

The Canada Investor visa program aims to entice individuals with business experience to invest in the Canadian economy to increase employment and foster economic development within particular provinces or territories.

Benefits of Investor Visas

The investors are benefited from the following things in Canada:

  • They will get access to a high standard of living.
  • They will get access to healthcare and education
  • They can settle with their family in Canada.
  • They can get access to international opportunities
  • They will get favorable investment policies.
  • They will also get travel benefits through which they can travel across the world.
  • An investor visa for Canada is more like a fast track to citizenship.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • The business immigrant should have a qualifying business in order to get a business visa in Canada.
  • They should have intermediate knowledge in both French and English with a CLB of
  • They should have a letter of support from the designated institution.
  1. Entrepreneur Visa

    Entrepreneur visa Canada is mainly for entrepreneurs across the world to establish a business in a particular province. Canada entrepreneur visa will help in the economic development of that province. The entrepreneur program is a good start for entrepreneurs to begin their business and grow the local economy.

    Canadian Government will welcome the entrepreneurs greatly because they feel they can create employment opportunities so that immigrants can contribute to the Canadian economy. If the application is processed, they can open a business in Canada; along with this, they can also gain Permanent Resident status for themselves and also for their family. Nowadays, Canada is accepting applications from the brightest entrepreneurs around the world through entrepreneurship visas in Canada.

    Canadian Entrepreneur visa attracts experienced entrepreneurs who wish to own or manage a business in Canada. This program aims to grow the Canadian economy while creating jobs for Canadian citizens and PR. Entrepreneurs in Quebec are not eligible to apply for this program. For them, Quebec offers a separate program: Quebec Entrepreneur Program.


    Applicants’ intended destination can be anywhere in Canada except Quebec. Applicants must have sufficient business experience. The immigrant should possess prior experience in managing; they should have owned a qualifying business. The family members of the immigrants must be inadmissible for medical or security reasons.

    Requirements for the Entrepreneur program

    • The business immigrant has to establish or make a substantial investment in a business within 2 years of their landing in Canada. This will make a consequential result on the economy of Canada.
    • They have to engage actively and should take part actively in the business management.
    • They should employ at least one Canadian citizen or permanent resident other than their dependents or entrepreneurs.                                                            

Start-Up Visa

This program mainly focuses on innovative entrepreneurs. Through this program, they will get a chance to link with the designated Canadian business investors who will help them to begin a start-up business.

Entrepreneurs can grow their business in Canada with funding and expertise from approved Canadian private sector organizations. With the help of these organizations, the entrepreneurs or the investors will receive a start-up visa.

Unlike investor programs, in the entrepreneur program, the immigrant need not require any investment from their capital amount to meet the eligibility criteria. Instead, the entrepreneurs will receive minimum venture capital or angel investment from one or multiple designated organizations.

The best option for immigrants who wish to do business in Canada is through the start-up visa program. The immigrant has to meet certain eligibility criteria to process the application. It is a fast-track permanent residence program for international entrepreneurs or investors. They brought this program into existence to build an innovative business.

Eligibility :

  • The immigrant should prove that their business idea has a support of a designated investor organization.
  • They should meet language requirements.
  • They should prove that their business meets ownership requirements.
  • They should have sufficient settlement funds.

Angel Investors

Angel investors are kind of wealthy individuals who wish to invest their funds into early start-up firms. Besides funding, they will also contribute to the industry and managerial expertise to the entrepreneurs and investors.

Venture Capital

Venture Capital investments are key to supporting early, middle, and late-stage businesses in Canada. It is an important part of the start-up ecosystem.

Business incubators

Business Incubators are who help start-up companies and individual entrepreneurs to develop their businesses. It is specially designed to help young start-ups to innovate and grow in their business.

Through this program, business incubators provide workspaces, mentorship, education, and access to an investor for start-up or sole proprietorship. They also provide a full-scale range of services, starting with management training and office space, and ending with venture capital framing and funding.

  1. Self-employed

Self-employed refers to any person who earns their living by any means of the independent pursuit of economic activity. Through this program, people immigrate to Canada permanently. The person should hold relevant experience in cultural activities or athletics. They should make a significant contribution to the cultural, artistic, or athletic life of Canada. The self-Employed stream is for people who wish to establish or purchase a business in Canada. It will contribute significantly to the economic, and artistic life of Canada.

Requirements for Self-Employed

  • They should possess a relevant experience of at least two years in the last five years.
  • They should be self-employed in Canada.
  • They should meet program eligibility criteria.
  • Other than this, they should also meet medical, security, and other conditions to be eligible for this program.

The selection criteria for this program will be based on:

  • Education
  • Experience,
  • Age
  • Language Abilities
  • Adaptability
  1. Business PNP Programs

This program allows the individuals to get nominated for PNP based on some requirements. Mostly all the PNP’s will either have an investor or entrepreneur program in it. Every province in Canada has a various net worth of investment and business requirements. Each province has its selection criteria.

Eligibility for Entrepreneurs and Investors

  • They should have funds to invest overseas.
  • They should have a prior business profile.
  • They should have proficiency in English or other local languages in that country.
  • They should have a proper business credentials and banking history.
  • They should maintain proper health and conduct evaluations.

The provinces where PNP is available:

  • British Columbia PNP
  • Manitoba PNP
  • New Brunswick PNP
  • Northwest Territories,
  • Nova Scotia PNP
  • Ontario PNP
  • Prince Edward PNP
  • Quebec PNP
  • Saskatchewan PNP