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Kingdom of Jordan

Kingdom Of Jordan

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The Kingdom of Jordan is an Arab nation located on the east side of the Jordan River. Home to beautiful reserves, ancient monuments, and resorts along the coastline. Jordan shares a border with Syria, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Iraq, the Palestinian west-bank, and the dead-sea. Jordan’s tourist attraction sites include the lost city of petra, the dead sea, wadi rum, the roman ruins, Aqaba, the jedash ruins, and more.

The Kingdom of Jordan

Kingdom of Jordan Visa Application For Nigerian Citizens

Getting a Jordan Visa Application For Nigerian Citizens looks tedious, especially when resorting to the internet for information. A very few countries do not require a visa to Jordan, Nigeria is not part. Even US citizens need a visa to Jordan.

We have important information to share regarding the Jordan visa requirement for Nigerian citizens and Jordan visa application for Nigerian citizens.

Jordan requires you to have an invitation from their country and someone in Jordan arranges a half-ready visa application from over there.

You need to know that Jordan accepts visa on arrival for Nigerian citizens when you meet their requirements. We will show you how to go about doing that.

The Kingdom of Jordan


  • Hotel reservation
  • Invitation letter
  • Flight itinerary
  • Scanned copy of passport
  • Six-month statement of account
  • Hotel reservation

    You need to provide a confirmed hotel reservation which must show your check-in and check-out date. The payment made to the hotel must show in the hotel voucher which also bears your names as they appear on your international passport.

The kingdom of Jordan
  • Invitation Letter

Who qualifies to send you an invitation from Jordan?

A registered company in Jordan can send you one. A person with a residence permit, Jordanian citizens can send you an invitation letter inviting you to Jordan.

Registered company files your application to their government on your behalf. They must show that they have a license and legal business document to do so. A copy of the invitation letter sent to you must also be presented to the body showing your full name and passport details. In addition, your intended date of arrival and departure need to appear in the letter. They also need to state your purpose of visit.

The kingdom of jordan

Individuals inviting a Nigerian to Jordan need to present a copy of their national ID, tax clearance certificate, and utility bills. A copy of the invitation sent to you must be tendered by the individual and a copy of your Nigerian passport. The intended date of arrival and departure need to be in the letter.

Flight itinerary

Your flight reservation must tally with your intended date of arrival and departure as submitted to the Jordan government. Your host in Jordan needs a copy of your flight reservation in support of your Jordan visa application for a Nigerian citizen.

Normally, you can reserve a flight for the purpose of your Jordan visa application for Nigerian citizens. You need not pay for it yet.