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Travel Insurance

At Smile Dove Travels we offer travel insurance packages to our clients to protect and cover them from travel-related risks. We offer global travel insurance that follows the guidelines and regulations of embassies around the world 

Protect your trip investments by taking advantage of our travel insurance plans which comes with a 24 hrs travel insurance assistance worldwide including legal and medical

Smile Dove Travels Insurance illustrated by aiplane flying between buildings

Importance of Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is a type of insurance that covers and protects air travel services, consumers, from unexpected losses as a result of negative occurrences.

Travel Insurance covers most major and minor losses depending on the insurance agency, the airline operator, the insurance package provided or purchased.

Travel Insurance covers for losses including:

  1. Medical Emergencies
  2. Lost or Damaged Luggage
  3. Delayed Trips
  4. Canceled Trips
  5. Accidents
Smile Dove Travels Insurance illustrated by view out of airplane window