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Japan, one of the world’s lowest crime rates country is an island country located in the eastern part of Asia. It fills with beautiful cities, royal palaces, mountains, mountainous national parks, thousands of shrines and temples. This island country is not just a single island it consists of 6852 islands which include the paradise islands of Okinawa with their beautiful beaches and tropical climate. Tokyo its capital is well known for skyscrapers, shopping, and pop culture.

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Travel to Japan with smile dove

Types of Japanese Visa

  • Tourist Visa

  • Business Visa

  • Visitor Visa (Short/Long term)

Travel to Japan with smile dove
  • Passport: A valid international Passport.
  • Japan visa application: You need to fill correctly a Japan visa application for Nigerian citizens – (Japan Application Form For Nigeria).
  • Photo: Submit a recent passport photograph of you (45mm × 45mm).
  • Flight reservation: A flight reservation showing your arrival and departure.
  • Hotel reservation: You must present proof of accommodation in Japan.
Travel to Japan with smile dove
  • Bank statement. Your personal bank statement for the last 3 months is essential.
  • Tourist Voucher. Your tourist Voucher increases your chances of securing the visa.
  • Employment details. You need to provide documents to prove your employment status e.g. letter of employment, confirmation of appointment, promotion letter, etc.
  • Reference Letter. An Introduction letter from your employer detailing your position, salary, and purpose of travel.
  • Certificate of incorporation. This must be provided if your employer intends to sponsor your trip.
  • Tax details. You will have to provide a valid company tax clearance certificate, in addition to the above requirement.
  • Itinerary: A detailed itinerary in Japan is useful.