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The capital of Kenya is Nairobi, a sprawling city that, like many other African metropolises, is a study in contrasts, with modern skyscrapers looking out over vast shantytowns in the distance, many harbouring refugees fleeing civil wars in neighbouring countries. Kenya is Africa’s wildlife tour destination being a home to wildlife including Lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos, and rhinos. Kenya also has a collection of geographical features that makes it a beautiful tourist destination, examples are the snow-capped mountain tops like Nelion, Batian, and Point Lenana of mount Kenya). Another beautiful sighting to look out for is during the migration season when animals like blue wildebeest, zebras, and other bovids migrate between regions on a large scale. Kenya is a great tourist destination considering its array of national parks and game reserves.

travel to Kenya with smile dove

Kenyan visa is required for Nigerian citizens. And the Kenya visa process in Nigeria requires applicants to apply for the visa online and wait for its approval. The visa fee is $52.79 and it is paid online with your cards. In some cases, extra details like a tour itinerary may be requested to complete your application. The visa comes as an electronic visa. However, you will need to exchange the color printout of your visa at the port of entry for a sticker visa which will be placed in your passport.

travel to Kenya with smile dove

Documents required for Kenya visa in Nigeria

  • Travel document: You need a valid passport that is not less than six months for this application. Also, it must have at least 3 blank pages.
  • Visa Application: You must complete an online application form which must be submitted with your documents.
  • Photo: Upload a recent color photo with a clear background
  • Flight reservation: A return ticket is essential for a Kenyan visa, especially when you are transiting in the country.
  • Hotel reservation: In addition to your flight reservation, you need to show proof of accommodation and this has to be uploaded as well.
  • Via Fees: The visa processing fee is non-refundable and payable online. All visa application attracts a $1 service charge.
travel to Kenya with smile dove
  • Tour itinerary: Lastly, you need to upload a tour itinerary in order to increase your chances of securing the visa. A tour itinerary showing your daily activity in Kenya and places to visit.

You must ensure that you file your application correctly as incomplete applications will be rejected. Also, the provision of false information will lead to the automatic rejection of visas

Please note that inappropriate document uploads will lead to the automatic rejection of the visa and children of sixteen(16) years and below are exempted from visa payment and are not expected to make a visa application.

It is advisable you print out the visa authority