UK Student Visa Requirements

  1. Acceptance Letter:
  • An acceptance letter from a recognized UK institution that is a licensed Tier 4 sponsor.
  1. Completed Visa Application Form:
  • A completed visa application form available on the official UK government website.
  1. Passport:
  • A valid passport with at least one blank page for the visa stamp. The passport should be valid for the entire duration of your stay.
  1. Passport-Sized Photographs:
  • Recent passport-sized photographs following the UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) guidelines.
  1. Academic Qualifications:
  • Original or certified copies of your WEAC/Neco result and transcripts.
  1. CV (Curriculum Vitae):
  • A comprehensive CV detailing your educational and professional background.
  1. Visa Fee Payment:
  • Payment of the visa application fee. The amount may vary depending on the type and duration of the course.
  1. Health Insurance (LHS):
  • Comprehensive health insurance that covers the entire duration of your stay in the UK.
  1. Tuition Deposit:
  • Proof of payment of the tuition deposit, which can include a letter from the institution confirming the payment.
  1. Application fee: You will need to pay 150 USD for application fee
  2. Proof of Funds:
  • Evidence of your ability to cover living costs and tuition fees. This may include bank statements, a letter of sponsorship, or scholarship details.
  1. Photo Passport:
  • Additional passport-sized photographs for your visa application.
  1. Tuberculosis (TB) Test:
  • A certificate confirming that you have been tested for tuberculosis if you are from a country where this is required.

Charges and Service Fees:

  1. Consultancy Charges:
  • Charges paid to the consultancy for our services. In this case, it’s 900,000 Naira.
  • Deposit: 300k

Important Notes:

  • Ensure all documents are in English or accompanied by certified translations.
  • The proof of funds requirement may vary based on the length and location of your course, so check the specific financial requirements for your situation.
  • The tuberculosis test is necessary for certain nationals, so verify if it applies to your country.

Always refer to the Smile dove Nigeria website for the most up-to-date and accurate information, as visa requirements can change.